5 Agri-Fintech Startups from Africa to Know (as published on Fintech Africa)

5 Agri-Fintech Startups from Africa to Know (as published on Fintech Africa)

1. Apollo Agriculture (Kenya) – The company provides a bundled service agriculture platform offering a comprehensive suite of services that includes access to credit, farm inputs, customized advice, insurance and markets It is one of the fastest-growing agribusinesses in Kenya.

2. Pula Advisors (Kenya) – agricultural insurance and tech company that designs and delivers innovative agricultural insurance and digital products to help smallholder farmers endure yield risks

3. EzyAgric (Uganda) РThe company’s platform provides farmers with easy access to agro-inputs, credit financing, e-extension and advisory services as well as market linkages

4. Oko Finance (Mali) – is a provider of mobile-centric micro-insurance products, offering crop insurance at affordable prices and instant claims processing

5. Emata (Uganda) – The company offers affordable digital loans that are specifically designed to empower farmers to invest in their farms and increase their revenue

If you an Agritech startup, you can learn more about these, may be you can learn a few experiences from them.

I recently posted here, the future of agricultural startups is to have embedded/integrated services, and not just offering only one service.

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