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A mobile app development company helps businesses meet complex and multifaceted digital capabilities. However, much of the success of the product rests on how effectively things have been communicated at the start. To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, it is crucial for an enterprise to find an app development company that can help them to fill the engineering gap.

A right technology partner helps to fulfill specific product development of a business. They also provide the support that is needed to achieve a long-term critical development strategy for the business to cater to the market dynamics.

It is here where companies like Graph Technologies take an edge among its peers. Our approach to building a successful partnership relies on working together as a team with a customer. At Graph Technologies, we not only develop web and mobile apps but also guide clients through many aspects of the project development process right from the moment they send a query regarding their requirements.

We understand that outsourcing professional application development services that help you get the best job done for your project is not an easy thing. While being in the industry for more than 12 years, we have helped start-ups and well-established firms to launch a successful application for their users.

Here we are going to share a list of questions that every business/entrepreneur should prepare for himself when he is required to appoint an app development company.

Before we outline questions, we would suggest you document your project requirements. Read below to understand the importance of documenting your project requirements.


A product document is essential for your vendor to understand the requirements of the product. A document of product requirement outlines its purpose, and define who will use it, and how to use it.

Documenting product requirements is not easy. However, it would be best to have pointers jotted down rather than remember points during the conversation with the developer. Especially in terms of software development as it is a long-term process.

It is an essential precursor of designing and developing an application as it straddles the line between concise and precise.


Once you document your project requirements, you must ask these questions one-by-one to a vendor you connect to find the best one for your project requirements.

1. How Is My App Idea Protected?

When you get the next big app idea, you want to launch your idea to the world. However, before that, you must adequately protect it. There are different ways to protect your app idea legally such as intellectual property law, copyright, patents, non-disclosure agreements, and more.

When you connect with a vendor, make sure they are open to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA). You must get NDA signed from a vendor before you share anything with them. Although it is a way to protect your app idea legally, ethical protection is also important. A successful and long-term business partnership highly depends on work ethics.

Therefore, you must make sure the vendor is a pure-play software services company and committed to helping you in the building project, and hence all your IPR and business interests are of top priority for them.

2. Can You Show Me Some Sample Agreements?

Your satisfaction and confidence with a vendor are crucial to begin a project. To be assured of a successful partnership, you can ask for some sample agreements. It could be NDA or MSA (Master Service Agreement) to escape every hurdle later.

Though every software development company is open to share and sign such documents before you processed project development. But refrain from those who do not take these papers seriously or do not agreed to sign upon.

In those cases, you must look for other best options available.

3. Can You Show Me The Apps You Have Already Created?

There is a difference between assumptions and reality. Developing an application requires more than technical expertise that can be seen in projects that have already been developed.

So, be direct with this question and ask them to share apps they have worked on. The already developed apps could be similar to yours or could be different. You must check the apps thoroughly like overall app performance, the functionality of features, user experience and more factors which you think are essential for the success.

A professional agency wouldn’t be hesitant to showcase their previous work using Portfolio. With them, you even don’t need to ask this question. However, if in case a prospective company does not share their winning apps or prominent clients with you – beware!

Looking at the developer portfolio is significant if you are expecting a good return on investment. Don’t forget to look up for the portfolio of mobile app development company. You can also check the app’s ratings and reviews to get a better understanding of their work.

4. What About The Dedicated Manpower?

You are going to need a workforce depending on your project requirements. Once you have considered all aspects of your app needs, you can hire developers accordingly.

You can actually hire dedicated resources from vendors. There is a mobile app development company that keeps it simple and transparent. Like at Graph Technologies, you can select the best fit resource by interviewing them.

Likewise, you can ask detailed resume of best-suited developers, can shortlist the best one whose skills and experience suit your requirements, interview them, test them out and finally select them to include in your dedicated engagement model.

We would recommend you to invest some time to hire the best manpower for your project.

An app development process involves multiple moving parts and stages. If at any point you think your apps need improvement or you want to change any aspect of the offered feature, having dedicated manpower at your disposal helps you alter your requirements accordingly. While it is considered healthy for app development, not all vendors will support you for those changes.

Thus, you must analyze the hiring or outsourcing process and consider the right vendor accordingly.

5. What’s Your Signature Process For App Development?

The work process of a project always depends on the project, project requirements, and time-to-market needs. Though each app is different and methodologies to develop it continuously evolving, companies suggest the best development process after analyzing and reviewing the necessities.

For instance, as per time to market, there are Agile Methodologies, Scrum, or Rapid App Development followed. On the other hand, the waterfall model is used in projects which are well defined right from the start.

Still, there is a fairly standard process every mobile app development company adopts that typically includes the idea, strategy, design, development, deployment, and post-launch phases.

It would be best if you ask them about unexpected problems which can come during such steps and what role can you play in them. Thus, an experienced company helps you to understand every aspect of application development. They connect to you time-to-time for coordination in project development.

It is an important aspect of project development. It helps a client understand what to expect in crucial times ahead and help developers deliver a successful app.


A mobile application can be developed in several ways, but the process matters as it helps both parties set the right expectations and achieve the desired outcome.

Therefore, when you decide to hire an app development company, it must comprise factors such as technical expertise, accountability, experience, work history, work culture and of course determination and dedication in the team.

If a company at any point do not follow a transparent mode of work, and not willing to work hand-in-hand with you, you are not going to make a successful app.

To translate your vision perfectly in a mobile application, you need a mobile app development companyhaving qualities vice-versa to the above factors.


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