Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your First Mobile App in Kenya

Did you wake up with an innovative idea for the perfect mobile app this morning? And you are sure that nobody has given a thought to it before, and it will get extremely popular? However, the only issue is, you don’t know from where to start designing and developing an app. In this digital world, there are several app development companies that can make your this difficulty easy. But if you are looking for some key aspects to make your app incredible, don’t be confused as I have come up with a complete guide on building your first mobile app. Just read them carefully and follow each step properly.


Step 1: Set Your Goals

Having an idea is the beginning point for any new project. However, before going directly into detailing, you must define the purpose and mission of your mobile app. Defining a precise goal for the app is going to help you reach your goal faster.

Get out a paper and pen and define what it is you actually want to accomplish. Ask and answer the below-mentioned questions:

  • What would be the purpose of your app?
  • How are you going to create its appeal to users?
  • What issues is it targeting to solve?
  • What impact it will have on users lives?
  • How will you do the marketing of your app?

Step 2: Sketch your Mobile App

visually conceptualize the key features and approximate layout of your application.

Step 3: Do Research

Now, it’s time to do some background research on your idea. These are the four main purposes of this research:

  • iTo find out if there is competition and what they are doing.
  • Get design inspiration for your app.
  • Find information on the technical essentials for your app.
  • Examine how you can market, as well as monetize your app.

No matter, how revolutionary your idea is, you must do research. The reason is, as of now, there are more than 2.2 million apps available for iOS and 2.8 million for Android. Hence, building something that hasn’t design before is quite impossible. Nevertheless, you must not get bothered by those who are playing in a similar area. It is necessary that you focus on your project and users acquisition. Learn from the mistakes and key features of your competitors to make your app unique

Step 4: Native, Hybrid or Web- Identify the Approach

Choosing the right approach for designing an app is extremely important. It should be according to your time and budget constraints. Here is the information that will help you to choose the best for you.


  • With Native apps, you can deliver the best user experience. But, you need to spend significant time, cost, and skills.
  • These apps are platform specific, hence need expertise with knowledge.


  • Web apps are fast, cheap, and can run on multiple platforms.
  • These are developed by HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS code.
  • Web apps are not as powerful as native apps.


  • It is the latest approach to design any app.
  • Hybrid collaborates prebuilt native containers with on-the-fly web coding to achieve best of both.
  • The developer improves the web code with native language for creating unique features. It accesses native APIs, not yet available through JavaScript.

Note: React Native technology is also an excellent idea to build efficient mobile apps. You can reach to React Native app Development Company for the same.

Step 5: Make a List of Flow and Features

Detail your product in one document and while doing so make sure you put every detail on it. Prepare a flow of how your users are going to navigate the app and its features. This will help the  to understand features clearly.

Step 6: Eliminate Non-Core Features/Prepare your mvp

Take the help of flow and features document you prepared in the previous step and start removing the feature if you can. Provide only the core value of your mobile app idea. Don’t build all the features in the first edition and add them later as an update. By doing this, you can keep the initial development costs down and get the market quickly.

Step 7: Hire a Developer or Designer/Graph Technologies

Seek a development organization that has considerable design talent and a proficient development team. While hiring developers, go and check their credibility with the apps they have created.


Building an app might seem easy, but getting users attention is tough. Developing an app does not mean your work is done. You must improvise the features to improve your app performance. All these discussed steps will lead to developing a successful app. All the best! If you are searching for a suitable organization, then Fluper is here to help you out. It is a leading Android or iOS app development company globally.

Description: Thinking to build a Mobile app for the first time, but are confused about how to begin? Go through the complete guide for building your Mobile App effortlessly.


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