About Top Mobile App Development Companies in Kenya

Where to find top app development companies to outsource an app development project.

Outsourcing a project and getting out of your own environment can seem complicated, but it can be the best option for your project and our aim is to help you do it under the best conditions.

How to select the right mobile app development company for a project

There are thousands of app development companies that can endure your project all around the world. Browsing through our directory will help you find top mobile app development companies from different countries with verified client reviews and complete app development portfolios for you to review their past works. You will also have access to each app development company website to learn more about them and you should ultimately start contacting them through their available contact channels or using the contact button on their AppFutura profiles.

It is likely that you end up having conversations with multiple app development companies and there are different steps to consider in your selection process and also tips to successfully outsource your app development.

For us, the 6 most important points to follow when hiring an app development company are the following:

  • Clear needs: Having a clear idea of your needs is extremely important to make sure it is properly understood by the mobile app development companies you approach. You may request counselling and most app development companies will be happy to help, but learning some basic stuff beforehand can be extremely helpful. For example, you could learn about the differences between native and cross-platform development or have an understanding of how complex your project is to determine if it will need a backend or a website as well. It is important to clarify your needs before presenting them.
  • Documentation: How ready are you to create you app development project? Do you only have an idea? Do you have complete wireframes to understand what your project will look like? Do you have a complete Request for Proposals document detailing your needs? Documentation is important so app development companies can understand your needs.
  • Right Questions: top mobile app development companies go into a exploratory phase with their prospects to understand their needs. They should imagine all possible scenarios of your app development in order to make sure everything is covered. Distrust companies that say yes to everything with no questions asked or minimal analysis. Mobile app development is hard and competitive and it is important to make sure you are in the hands of good professionals.
  • Smooth Communication: a lot of problems in outsourcing come from a lack in communciation. From the beginning of your conversations with mobile app development companies, you need to make sure you have a proper and valid interlocutor on the other side. This is specially important when outsoursing offshore. Language can be a challenge, but never a barrier. Do not consider an app development company that does not offer smooth communication.
  • Client reviews and past works: you have several mobile app development companies lined up. How to know which one is best for you? On AppFutura you will find thousands of validated client reviews that can help you understand real experience of clients with the app development companies you shortlisted. You will also find complete portfolios on their profiles and website and you might also want to ask them to introduce you to some of their past clients, specially if they have developed something similar to your needs.
  • Budget: budget is probably one of the most sensitive issues when hiring a mobile app development company. App development is an expensive industry, so don\’t let yourself be tricked into a seemingly cheap development that may end up bringing worse problems in the future. You can read the AppFutura report on time and cost of a mobile app.

Following these guidelines, your experience ousourcing to a mobile app development company can offer guarantees and you can avoid unnecessary problems. These rules apply to all app development companies, regardless of location, size or culture. You can choose to hire a company in a popular offshore destination like India or Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Romania…) or going to regions closer to your location, but make sure to always feel comfortable with the mobile app development companies you consider.

Hire the app development company that best meets your requirement

After the screening candidates and approaching your shortlisted top app development companies, they will likely present you with their business proposals with a more accurate cost estimation and schedule of works. Some app development companies might present basic prototypes and even help you by suggesting improvements on your requirements to make sure your goals are fully reached.

It is also likely that you end up with more than one ideal candidate. If this happens, there will be no right or wrong answer and choosing the right app development company will depend on your own personal preferences.

Welcome to AppFutura and good luck in your app development experience!

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