Why you should build a mobile app in Kenya



Internet has changed the ways of doing business. We live in a digital era and mobile devices have taken place of the computer. Just having a website will not serve all business purposes. If you own a business that interacts with users and customers for sales, you can’t afford to miss mobile apps. Did you know that around 77% of Internet traffic is generated by mobile devices? This is the reason many businesses are investing in mobile apps.


With more than 2.8 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store, mobile apps offer you the easiest way to take your business to a large number of consumers. Features like offline accesspush notifications, in-app purchases and others can help businesses to personalize the user experience for their customers. Don’t forget a well-developed mobile app also helps in strengthening your brand. Having said that, here are some additional reasons for businesses to invest in mobile apps.


Businesses can reach a large number of prospective clients and engage them. The more visible your business app is, the higher sales target you can achieve.


Unlike the desktops, people always carry their mobile phones wherever they go which means they can connect with your business or visit your online store even when on the move.


A mobile app enables the business to know the hurdles in conversion and make changes to convert more users into customers. It is a known fact; users gauge the credibility of the business from their mobile apps. Companies who invest more in their mobile apps are able to woo their customers and compel them to buy their products and services. They also have edge over their competitors and companies get a higher return from their mobile apps.


If your mobile app is popular among your customers, it can also serve as the best marketing platform. Using the push notifications features, app owners can inform users about exciting offers and deals. When the users click on the notification, they are directly taken to the section where the deal is available.


The world has shifted from desktops to smartphones and companies who have invested in mobile apps are enjoying tremendous Return on Investmeny. There is no doubt mobile apps offer a great way to reach customers and enhance a user experience that helps in strengthening the brand. Today almost every business process is virtual and there is an ever growing need to invest in a mobile app.

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